Anushka Singh wears vision like a crown

Anushka Singh on living with her disability

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Anushka Singh has never let her vision impairment stop her from living life to the fullest.

Anushka shared her experiences in a Hindi interview with Speak My Language (Disability), a program run by the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW to share stories about living well with a disability.

Anushka says she does not feel any shame when disclosing that she has a disability, stating “I always wear my low vision as a crown. It is a part of me.”

Anushka’s story reinforces the importance of self-advocacy and confidence, as she never hesitated to ask for help when she needed it.

“My personal approach has always been to hold a meeting before the course starts,” she explains. “You disclose that you have vision loss. You will need screen-reader software, you can organise a laptop where you can listen to presentations.” 

Asking for these adjustments at university was the key to Anushka’s success. 

“I was given note takers. I was given question papers in large print format, and I was given extra time to complete my exams.” 

Anushka Singh
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Now graduated, Anushka is a proud Blind Sports Ambassador and works in the national call centre at Vision Australia, helping others with low or no vision navigate the same challenges she has faced over the years.

Anushka Singh ends her interview with a powerful message to others with disabilities, saying, “you should be confident, accept your problems, you should not be afraid to disclose your disability—that is most important—and whatever services are available to you, use them.” 

Speak My Language (Disability) is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. The program is being led by the Ethnic Communities Council of New South Wales and is proudly delivered via an historic partnership between all State and Territory Ethnic and Multicultural Communities’ Councils across Australia.

There are more than 45 Hindi interviews that share information and advice about living with a disability.

Stories like Anushka’s have helped shift attitudes towards disability, and connect listeners with services and resources that support their participation in all aspects of life.

You can listen to Anushka’s full story for free online at www.speakmylanguage.com.au.

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