Amandeep Kaur

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Amandeep Kaur is a candidate for Iramoo Ward for Wyndham City Council

The reason Amandeep Kaur is standing for council elections

I feel that the participation of candidates from an Indian descent in the council is non-existent.

I wish to address family violence mainly violence against women.  There is a huge gap in communication with multicultural communities and I have the capabilities to close that gap.

Why people should vote for me

I have been working in social services for a long time, and am well known in the community. I have the experience, I am a go-getter and I can resolve issues. I am here to listen to my community so I can advocate for them to get things done at the council level.

My contribution to the community

I have assisted many women who suffered from domestic violence and were sexually abused. I connected them to relevant services and organisations.  I have helped many international students and citizens with groceries and other essentials during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have helped with charity event for bushfire survivors and have volunteered for many other community causes.

If elected, my post-pandemic key goals will be to

  • Advocate for the council relief packages for people, small and medium business so after the lockdown, they restart their businesses
  • Establish a mechanism for smoother communication to engage community members for mental support, and counselling 
  • Establish effective and active communication especially for multicultural communities. It is critically important because effective communication could have curbed COVID19 cases in the western suburbs

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