A ‘Little India’ in Harris Park

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The City of Parramatta Council is currently consulting with the community on a proposal about rebranding Harris Park as ‘Little India’.

Many already consider the multicultural hub the go-to suburb for all things Indian. This is where the city’s Indian community heads for its authentic Indian groceries, Indian dining and Indian fashion. Wigram, Marion and Station Streets in Harris Park host dozens of Indian eateries and shops that resemble those back in India and cater to the needs of the community here.

The Little India Australia community on Facebook has proposed an action plan that will promote ‘Little India’ as a tourist attraction, celebrating vibrant Indian culture and festivals while also developing the existing business network.

little india strategic plan
The ‘Little India’ project’s strategic plan for 2021-2023. Source: supplied

The move follows the promotion of other districts in the city as cultural precincts of Chinese, Italian or Vietnamese heritage. Such demarcation has advantages for visitors promising attractive and unique experiences, while also balancing the needs of the local community at the same time.

Melbourne has such a district in Dandenong. Centred around Foster St, it is promoted as the city’s “longest-standing and most authentic cluster of Indian and subcontinental culture and commerce.” Wyndham and Tarneit are other districts in Melbourne for which Little India precincts have been considered.

London, Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong are some of the world cities that have well-established ‘Little India’ districts.

In Sydney, the mainstream media has already taken to calling Harris Park’s commercial centre ‘Little India’.

harris park parramatta city coucil little indian project]
‘Little India’Project poster by City of Parramatta Council. Source: supplied.

The City of Parramatta’s ‘Little India’ project page and survey are now live and ready for the broader community to view and provide feedback. The official engagement period closes on Monday 22 March at 4 pm.

Many have already provided their support and opinions on the matter.

Visit https://participate.cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/little-india and complete the short survey.

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