5 ways to combat body odour while running

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Sweating and perspiration is an inevitable part of running which will result in strong body odour. Whether you are a distance runner or a casual jogger, smelling good is something that can add a boost to your exercise. After all, no one wants to worry about body odour after the high that accompanies a great feeling run.

While sweating is your body’s natural way of regulating temperature, it is the body odour that accompanies it which can be embarrassing when interacting with fellow runners. It is bacteria that is present on sweaty skin that reacts with sweat and causes body odour.

Marathon Coach Daniel Vaz has some hygiene tips for when you step out for a run:

1. Take a pre-run warm shower

It not only warms up the muscles, but it will also clean your skin off sweat. Applying soap between your toes will ensure that those areas that are potential sites for fungal infections such as Athlete’ foot, are cleansed.

2. Clean activewear

Wear clean running apparel that is preferably made of fabric that wicks away sweat, breathes and keeps you dry.

3. Use roll-ons on your pits

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Maximum odour comes out from the underarms when bacteria mixes with the sweat. Use a deodorant or preferably a roll-on directly on underarm skin, so as to control body odour right at its source

4. Use a face wash

Wash your face and neck post-run and follow that up with splashing an alcohol-based sanitizer (preferably carried in your belt bag) on your hands, armpits and neck.

Instead of looking for strong fragrance deodorants, look out for deodorants with long-lasting body odour control. What I personally recommend is, using deodorants or roll-ons that contain specially formulated Silver-Ions Technology that would effectively reduce odour-causing bacteria up to 99 per cent. It’s your best bet against odour, especially during long runs.


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