Wonderful reminder of a spirit that moved a nation

Kids re-enact Dandi March at UNSW’s Gandhi memorial event. RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA reports

Gandhi, a never-ending inspiration in the world of literature

Poetry, prose or drama; fiction or nonfiction -- Gandhi is everywhere

Jeeti raho, beti

RAJALAKSHMI RAM remembers how she met Gandhi twice, once before and once after his death.

Meet the girl behind the hilarious – and very viral – shopping list

Indian Link Radio host CHARUTA invites a dear friend for an on-air chat – Era Golwalkar of the veggie shopping list fame!

Navratri, the celebration of woman power

The Hindu festival of Navratri celebrates the feminine principle of Nature, writes USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND.

This stand-up comedienne will make you laugh, then get you thinking

Shubha Sivasubramanian tries to make sense of a perfectly imperfect world in her new show Hive Mind, writes Virat Nehru
Alan.Indian Link

What it means to be an Indian gay dad

On Father’s Day, Indian Link Radio's KASHIF HARRISON speaks with Alan Maurice who is gay and has two sons. He says 'they are totally cool.'

Ladies for peace

From traditional owners of the land to others newly arrived on these shores, the Himalayan Emporium Function Centre in Bankstown recently played host to a wonderful mélange of women. Together, they represented several faiths,...
marriage equality.indianlink

Equality for all

From 12 September, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be mailing out the Australian Marriage Law survey - a postal poll commissioned by the federal government to gauge levels of support amongst Australians regarding...
Independence day.IndianLink

Gala National Day reception

Independence Day celebrations, held recently by the Indian Consulate in Melbourne, provided an opportunity to reflect on India’s success in the last 70 years. It was also a chance to look ahead at the future...