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A passion for community welfare drives this young achiever

She is blessed with many assets – beauty, brains, talent and a pleasant personality. Add to this a passion for community work and you have the complete package in Sheetal Chail, Winner of the AIII (Australian Indian Innovation Inc) Young Achievers award 2014-2015. This determined young lady aims to be a role model for today’s women, hoping to encourage them to contribute towards a better world.
Sheetal prefers to lead by example through her voluntary involvement with various community events, despite a hectic schedule as one of the youngest professionals in the CPA industry. She likes to spend time at an aged care facility and at a kids play group, to help provide moral and emotional support for the elderly and affection for the children. She also helps mentor international students to enable them to better adapt to Australian culture and provides career guidance.
How does she manage all that and work as a business Analyst for Johnson and Johnson looking after the developed markets of Asia Pacific (ANZ & North Asia)?
“I work ‘round the clock, sometimes,” Sheetal said. “There is so much to be done and now that I have achieved my primary focus of completing my education and establishing myself in a successful career, I wish to contribute in other ways.”
“I wish to spend my spare time promoting happiness and wellbeing in the community,” Sheetal said, as she received her award from Inga Peulich, former Cabinet Secretary in the Napthine Government.
Sheetal Chail’s parents were in Melbourne when she received her Young Achievers Award and they were naturally proud of their daughter’s success. Her father is a retired Brigadier of the Indian Army and her mother is a homemaker.
Sheetal was born in India and moved to Melbourne to complete her higher education after completing her Year 12 studies in Delhi. She received a Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence at University and merit certificates in the CPA program.
Sheetal was also crowned Miss Global United 2014-2015 at the recent Global United Pageant held in America. As part of the pageant she beat a strong list of contenders from around the world to win the coveted Miss Talented and Miss Best Interview awards, besides winning the crown with maximum scores in each category.
Sheetal is much more than meets the eye as there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful woman with some serious smarts. Behind the soft smile is a sharp brain ready to explore new avenues that will help her fulfill her desire of becoming a community activist.

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