Will WOH be WOW?


The trailer and audio CD is launched for Bollywood-style, Melbourne-made drama WOH. SIMMI SINGH reports

Get ready cinema lovers, 2017 is expected to offer many interesting and exciting films, among them will be Melbourne-made drama WOH, the story of a woman torn between hatred and love.

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Kusum and Deo Narayan

WOH is the debut venture for artists Deo and Kusum Narayan, under the banner of Tri Avatar Productions. The Bollywood-style production made in Melbourne with local talent is slated for release in early 2017.

Over 400 people attended the official red carpet release of the trailer and audio CD at the Wheeler Auditorium of Nazareth College, recently. The lead pair Taruna Arora and Vinay Chauhan were present, along with other cast and crew, to celebrate the release.

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The event began with prayers, including an innovative rendition of the Hanumana Chalisa, sung by Shivatma Group. Bollywood-style performances from Jalwa and Bollydazzler dance groups complemented the launch.

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Among much fanfare the movie poster was revealed and the audio CD launched. The two-minute trailer piqued the interest of those gathered as the film appears to have an entertaining and twisted plot with quality production. On demand from the audience the trailer was repeated.

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“We are really excited that the movie is now in post production, however, we miss the making of it as we were like one large close- knit family, held together by our passion for arts and having a lot of fun,” said Kusum Narayan, who was credited to be the backbone of the entire project.

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Her husband Deo Narayan, who also scripted the plot, said making a Bollywood movie was his lifelong dream and he finally turned it into a reality with the help of his wife and the entire team of WOH.

The audience also heard from Bikram Malhar and Marco Sambrotta who provided the music, Chris Jarocki who was director of photography and Faiz Sharif, the editor.

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For Taruna Arora, the lead actress, the highlight was working with Kusum and Deo who, she felt, were incredibly passionate about making a Bollywood movie in Melbourne.

“It was wonderful to be a part of this and see their dream come to life,” she said. “They are very good, god-fearing people, and they faced many obstacles in the making of this film however they persevered with faith and it always worked out for them eventually.”

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Taruna also enjoyed the exposure to the camera and the challenge of enacting a role that was very different from her real self. She particularly enjoyed working in the family like atmosphere.

Creativity thrives when people work together as a team towards a common goal and the audience could not help but be affected by the infectious excitement of all those involved. Will WOH meet expectations and turn out to be WOW? Not long to go before we find out!

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