Tarot Predictions for July 2022

Our resident Tarotscope reader reveals the surprises, challenges and excitement that await you in the month ahead

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Aries: March 21 – April 20


The Leo card appears for Aries – it tells you to go wild with your passion, and to do what you want with your life. Challenges will come but your persistence wins the day. Let go of the past if you want your current relationship to succeed. Debts get cleared and you are full of energy to resolve anything that comes your way. Overall, your life will improve on all fronts – romance and business. What you do today will give you results in the future.

Taurus: April 21 – May 20


Healing is a must for you, if you want to move on with your life, if you are getting over a break-up or the loss of a loved one. You may undertake short, happy trips. You could also get a promotion and a raise. Money problems cease to exist as even those who owe you, will pay up. If you are self-employed, you may decide to end a partnership; you could however see new beginnings elsewhere.  

Gemini: May 21 – June 20


You will be moving into a better space mentally and a happier lifestyle though you have had setbacks in the past. If you are looking to sell your house, you will. Paperwork regarding insurance etc. will bring positive results. Work improves, you are more productive, and finances look up too. A new business too could come your way. Do not give in to a poverty of spirit or a feeling of lack. You will always have enough and more abundance surrounding you.

Cancer: June 21 – July 20


It is time to take off the rose-tinted glasses and look within. A paradigm shift regarding your illusions about yourself is on the anvil; expect events to shake up the status quo for you with family and at work. You could have legal matters to attend to. Business gets better for the self-employed. If health problems persist, take a break instead of running to a doctor. Don’t let what appears to be real, cloud your judgement. Eventually, things will work out.

Leo: July 21 – August 20


You will experience a lot of inner engineering happening this month as spiritual matters are the focus. Those wanting to get pregnant, this is a good time to try conceiving. Singles will want a deeper interaction. Some of you may move house or start saving to buy one. Upper back issues may need some physiotherapy. A strong connection with someone will lead to a new beginning. You need to rest your mind and avoid too much activity. Just be, for now.

Virgo: August 21 – September 20


A difficult month as circumstances around you change; colleagues could undermine your authority and other problems will crop up. Work pressure won’t let you take a break either. Let go of your finicky attitude to get things done. Money owed to you causes anxiety, but it will come, and you may also make some extra. Eventually everything will work out in your favour so avoid stressing about things beyond your control. Don’t let your guard down, and go slow.

Libra: September 21 – October 20


Librans will be seeking marital happiness, career growth or spiritual knowledge depending on their current inclination. Singles could feel lonely due to the lack of a partner. Something will happen at work to get you motivated again. If you are feeling run down from doing too much, you can slow down or indulge in retail therapy. Avoid mixing business with pleasure. Finances stay strong. Someone in the family could get married. A new aspect to your personality will come to the fore soon.

Scorpio: October 21 – November 20


You will be planning your next move and your career is all that matters right now. If you have other dilemmas in your life, chances are you will have two options to choose from. Singles should watch out; someone they meet could be a married person. Your success comes from expanding your horizons. A family reconciliation is in the offing. The self-employed will earn more. Do not settle for the first offer that comes along, if you are looking for a job.

Sagittarius: November 21 – December 20


The gregarious and outdoorsy December-born pick the card for Libra, making them a little cautious and circumspect. Singles could meet someone who may be a Libran. If in the midst of a disagreement, see the other’s point of view also to reduce tension and de-escalate. Drive carefully. A reality check on a relationship shatters your illusions about it. Even if money is coming in, there could be stress in ensuring it does. Keep your objectivity and you will be proven right eventually.

Capricorn: December 21 – January 20


Singles will finally make a call on whether to go forward or call it quits on a relationship. A new business opportunity will surprise you and you will get the help you need to succeed. A good time to get married. Take some time out to rest; you need it. Sealing a deal will bring in the money. Indecisive Capricornians will struggle with decision making even more this month. Focus on positive and meaningful ideas for best results.

Aquarius: January 21 – February 20


The Leo card drawn indicates there will be leadership role opportunities coming your way. You might also meet someone you could get involved with; possibly a Leo. Spiritual matters dominate all of July. You may also get a raise or a promotion and you will be in a generous frame of mind. Opt for alternative remedies for chronic problems. If a relationship has been rocky, it will end soon. The laws of attraction work in your favour helping you get what you want.

Pisces: February 21 – March 20


The best card in the pack tells you that while new opportunities come along, there could also be hurdles. Incessant problems will want you to shut down and go on a break. Those looking for a job will soon find one. Let the feelings you experience come and go; eventually, things will pan out in your favour. Take a second opinion for health matters. Money from multiple avenues is expected. You will overcome all the challenges you are facing currently.



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Minnal Khona
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