Tarot Predictions for April 2019

April 2019 Tarot | Stars


Aries: March 21 – April 20

Tarot.Indian Link The card drawn for you stands for the sign of Virgo, so the usually impulsive Arians might display analytical, practical traits, surprising themselves. If a marriage is in the courts, divorce is likely. Change, in-depth thinking and the desire to venture into new territory, is imminent. Heartbreaks are painful but healing will come from within. Short trips are on the anvil. While you wait for new ideas to come, find satisfaction in all that you can do on your own.

Taurus: April 21 – May 20

Tarot.Indian Link The practical Taureans might display Scorpio-like intensity this month. They should avoid feelings of martyrdom; and instead, focus on research, effective communication and dealing with disputes. The single might meet someone serendipitously and the person will respond in a favourable manner too. A trip could get postponed. Work gives you an opportunity to venture into new areas. Emotional strain or sudden weight loss needs medical attention. Money and favours come your way in heaps. Spiritual healing will increase your intuitive abilities.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Tarot.Indian Link You focus on learning, assimilation and spiritual growth. A short trip for work is possible though a long holiday might get cancelled. Female Geminis need to see a doctor in case of gynaecological problems, however minor. Business might be slow but it will pick up and fortunes increase. Avoid being secretive in relationships. Once you make a decision regarding something of importance, stick with it. Help will come when needed and the outcome might be quite different, but in a good way.

Cancer: June 21 – July 20

Tarot.Indian Link Your persevering nature and practical, conservative side is even more evident this month due to the influence of a Capricorn type of personality. Work and professional endeavours are your focus. Relationship-wise, basic incompatibility will foster a divorce; if seeing someone, the same reason will keep you apart. Health issues with the throat, back and stomach indicate suppressed emotions. Money is slow but unexpected financial gains are foretold. If something is meant to be, it will come on its own.

Leo: July 21 – August 20

Tarot.Indian Link A Libran might play the influencer for Leos this month, which might make the usually decisive Lions a bit cautious. Inner and outer conflicts plague your mind, but new friends, mended relationships with old friends and pending matters will get sorted out due to a sudden burst of clear thinking. Drive carefully; watch for sudden mishaps on a trip while travelling. Tension in money matters is predicted. Success in legal matters is assured. See things from others’ perspective for best results.

Virgo: August 21 – September 20

Tarot.Indian Link Virgos can brace themselves for a fresh start, clarity and problem solving this month. Though there is pressure, tension and anxiety, using your mind to solve every problem is the only way. A new love can sweep the single off their feet. A marriage could go through a rocky phase. Working with new ideas can be enjoyable. Tension in money matters is possible due to delayed payments. A new career direction and good luck can come through a friend.

Libra: September 21 – October 20

Tarot.Indian Link The always balanced Librans will display an extra dose of practicality because of the influence of this month’s card that stands for Taurus. Unexpected developments in personal relationships are predicted; you focus on workable ideas and concepts to further growth. Don’t let your emotional problems affect your work. Control your emotions and maintain a cool and detached attitude; don’t get angry. Watch out for problems with teeth or muscle sprains. Success comes through studied effort, gradual growth and unexpected opportunities.

Scorpio: October 21 – November 20

Tarot.Indian Link Important events, mostly pre-destined, could shake up your life this month. Being unexpected, they could be devastating and could be about business, money or relationships. A lie or infidelity breaks up a relationship. Drive carefully as sudden accidents could occur. Medical expenses could shoot up too. What looks dismal is not the final outcome and a resurrection is predicted. If something has reached its nadir, let it go as things get better from now on. It is time to remain calm.

Sagittarius: November 21 – December 20

Tarot.Indian Link This could be a stressful month for Sagittarians as there is discord, blocked progress, ill health or hospitalisation of a loved one. A separation in a relationship is temporary; the worst is over. A bit of soul searching will help bring clarity. Fears in a romantic situation are baseless. Those who have just had a break-up could go through bouts of depression. Money though, is especially good and a new project, deal or settlement brings in the finances from multiple sources.

Capricorn: December 21 – January 20

Tarot.Indian Link A reconciliation or reunion is on the cards, as is a lot of planning before making a move. You direct your energy towards self-improvement and improving your social image. A position of power at work improves your attitude and determination. An estranged ex tries to win you back. You could even reconcile with a family member. Profits at business increase. Eat healthier food to increase energy levels. Proceed in a systematic manner and do only that which is required.

Aquarius: January 21 – February 20

Tarot.Indian Link The usually blunt Aquarians will be even more outspoken and forthright this month. You may even show a sudden affinity for the outdoors due to the influence of Sagittarius. Your analytical abilities come to the fore as you want things to change with a loved one, or break free from a restrictive situation at work. A new approach to work proves to be more lucrative. A health condition needs to be looked at by a doctor. Success comes through social connections and business associates
Pisces: February 21 – March 20
Tarot.Indian Link All aces denote new beginnings but the ace of wands denotes new bouts of creativity; which is a bonus for Pisceans who are born creative. A desire for romance is underlined by wanting a full-time partner, not a part-time one. Travel for work proves to be financially rewarding. Creative activities give you satisfaction as they are lucrative too. Get productive and work on your new ideas. Being busy proves to be a blessing. A new start or way of life is predicted.
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