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Bollywood hunk HRITHIK ROSHAN on acting, finding a work/life balance, and achieving success

He was recently declared the third most handsome man in the world after Tom Cruise and Robert Pattinson. With his Adonis-like looks, slick dance moves and acting prowess, he has a legion of loyal fans.

Hrithik Roshan, star of hits like Dhoom 2, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Krrish and Koi Mil Gaya, is humble and personable.

Hrithik Roshan.Indian Link

With critically acclaimed roles in Fiza, Mission Kashmir, Agneepath and Jodha Akbar he is much awarded and rewarded as one of the highest paid actors in Indian cinema.

Riding on the success of his latest release, Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan recently spoke with Indian Link about his fresh pairing with Yami Gautam, his fitness brand HRX, his fondness for Australia and his ‘third baby’ Kaabil.

On the emotional impact of a good script

I regard myself as an actor before anything else. My joy is when I’m able to have an adventure with my art. The script for Kaabil impressed me a lot. As an actor I have always acted on the emotional impact the script had on me. Actors alone can’t do much without a good script. The credit of my performance in Kaabil should really go to the writers (Vijay Kumar Mishra and Sanjay Masoom) as well as my co-actors.

Preparing for the role of a blind Rohan

I used to put a blindfold on and walk around the house, measuring and counting the steps, learning to walk in the dark. I walked into walls and fell over many times, but I persevered.

Working hard and preparing for a role should be a given, as preparation makes you comfortable in front of the camera.

In one of the toughest scenes I have done in my life, I had to try and not fall into the slippery slope of trying to become a hero. In Kaabil, when Rohan goes to a police officer to inform him of his actions, he simply states the truth and walks away with no heroism or display of emotions.

There was such an urge to show my emotions, my hurt and anger at whatever happened to my wife in the film, but there was no room for any aggressiveness in that particular scene.

The reaction of the audience reiterated the fact that when you have truth on your side you do not need to show any aggression, you don’t point fingers, you can just sit quietly and let it be. I aspire to be that kind of person in my own life.

Hrithik Roshan.Indian Link

His onscreen chemistry with Yami Gautam

Working with Yami Gautam, who played the role of my on–screen wife Supriya, has been an enriching experience. She is unlike anyone else I have worked with. She is so pure hearted and with that purity she has a desire to do something. Yami keeps looking for the magic; she found it in every single scene. I am the same, and that’s why we connected so well. On screen, she is somebody I admire and I think the world is still to recognise her talent. She was brilliant in Kaabil but her potential goes much beyond that.

Going up against Shah Rukh Khan’s film Raees

There was a lot of uncertainty prior to the release of Kaabil as we were clashing with Shahrukh Khan’s Raees. However, they say if two films are good then both will be successful. The content is always the key and I am very happy with it.

I always teach my sons that if you are running in a race you should not worry about the gold. All you have to do is run at your very best, with all your power, heart and soul. I am very happy and proud that my third baby Kaabil is running at its best and proving to the world that it is kaabil (capable or worthy) enough to stand up to any challenge.

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The importance of finding a work/life balance

The box office is very important as it gives you a way to calculate for posterity and gives a road map of an actor’s journey, but it is not true success; it is a one or two week episode in your life.

Your worth should be beyond your work. You should be travelling, spending time with family, celebrating small victories through the day and not putting too much emphasis on money, numbers and stardom. These are things that can distract you from living a good life.

My life is beyond the box office, it is my children, my travel; I like to read and learn, I am a student of life. True success is when you make time for every little thing in your life and stimulate your brain.

Working in Hollywood

I am absolutely open to it as it is the right time for me. I would love to, as a student, go and learn new ways of acting. Hopefully, I will get something good that will ignite my interest. I haven’t given it a solid thought as to how I will go about it but I am definitely open to it. Let’s see where my actions take me.

Hrithik Roshan.Indian Link

On his love for Australia and physical fitness

I loved the time I spent in Australia. Australians inspire me as they are so physically fit and so far progressed in the physical fitness space. Australian physical therapy has helped me during my injuries. I love the brightness of the people and the way they live.

I hope to launch my clothing brand HRX in Australia soon. HRX represents an extreme state of mind that inspires people to be the best version of themselves, to keep on pushing and to keep achieving.

I have incorporated a lot of Australian philosophies in my life as well as in HRX, so thank you Australia for inspiring me.

What success means to Hrithik Roshan

Success lies in the appreciation and love of the fans. Success is to be able to contribute to society through your skills and give people joy and entertain them.

From a broader perspective, success is to wake up each day enthusiastic about whatever you chose to do with your life. If you are waking up every day with passion and doing what you love, that’s what really makes your life successful.