Member Directory

Sruthi is an emerging journalist who is deeply passionate about writing on topics such as literature, art and politics

Sanjana Janardhan is an emerging journalist and pop culture addict, passionate about the arts, social justice and sustainability.

Kittu Randhawa is a senior DFV case manager, specialist in culturally driven abuses and a subject matter expert in Dowry Abuse. She is a cultural consultant, drawing expertise from case management, client services, training frontline workers, working with men who use violence and community engagement.

Thevakie Karunagaran is a well-known writer in the Tamil language. She has published three
books and a collection of short stories. The award-winning writer also writes in English, her
short stories having been published in multiple publications.

Rishiv Rathore is a corporate lawyer and freelance sports writer, with an interest in covering sports that have a cultural link to South Asia.

Mamta Sharma is a freelance journalist committed to sharing stories of diversity, inclusion, and equity, alongside narratives on leadership, entrepreneurship, start-up innovation, and wellbeing.