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This season, jewellery has been super-sized. It seems necklaces should completely cover your chest, headpieces should dazzle and empower, earrings should be the size of miniature chandeliers and chunky bracelets should be stacked up high. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to this season’s trend of oversized statement jewellery and as the name suggests, these bold, bling and beautiful pieces are designed to be attention-grabbers.

Statement jewellery first came into fashion couture as a strong trend in the spring/summer of 2009, but is making a comeback and was recently seen in Chanel’s pre-autumn/winter 2012-13 Paris-Bombay collection. It featured countless Indian inspired statement necklaces, bracelets and headpieces which were made of gems, studs, diamonds and pearls. Despite Indians having worn this trend for centuries, Chanel’s modern interpretation has led the way for other designers to experiment with jewellery.

Buying a new piece of jewellery is a simple and effective way of updating an old look or dressing up a casual look, and is a clever way of protecting your personality and individual style. Also, when purchasing from stores like Lovisa, Colette, Sportsgirl, Witchery or PeepToe, it doesn’t put pressure on your wallet. So how do you wear this over-the-top jewellery? And what kind of clothes do they effectively team up with? Well, I have a few suggestions. But remember, the key is figuring out how to make statement pieces work for you, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them.

1. Start by easing your way in. Choose one key piece: a necklace, earrings, bracelet or even a headband. By wearing the one piece, it becomes the focus of your outfit and won’t have to compete with any other jewellery. Be sure to also keep the rest of your styling, such as hair, makeup and clothes, relatively simple. If you don’t feel your outfit is complete with only one item of jewellery, try not to wear statement pieces too close to each other. For instance, avoid showy earrings with a dramatic necklace. Instead, wear the earrings with a matching cuff bracelet, or wear the necklace with small and simple studs.

2. When it comes to elaborate pieces, try teaming up with casual clothes. This acts as a blank backdrop for more complicated jewellery. When teaming a multi-coloured, chain or bib-style necklace with a pair of your favourite skinny jeans, t-shirt and boots, it keeps the outfit casual and allows the necklace to really ‘pop’. Too casual for you? Try pairing it with a plain silk shirt and neutral tailored shorts or pants instead. Make sure you pay attention to necklines on your outfit. Halters and really high necklines compete with big necklaces, so it’s best to go for large earrings or an armful of bracelets instead.

3. If you feel confident wearing several bold pieces at once, try wearing different textures and sizes together on only one part of the body at a time. Pair thin bracelets with chain styles, studs or cuffs, and layer pearls, chains, or colourful beaded necklaces together. This instantly creates an eye-catching and fashionable look. However, try not to mix too many colours in either the jewellery or clothes, and if you do break the rules a little and wear more than one statement piece, make sure they complement each other.

4. Lastly, it’s important to realise that a single statement piece of jewellery worn can emphasise or de-emphasise parts of your body. For example, if you feel self-conscious about your bottom or mid-section, wear a striking necklace or an elaborate pair of earrings, and this will ensure that all the attention is focused up top. Wear a statement bracelet or anklet to draw attention to your waistline or below. Just remember, whichever way you chose to wear your statement pieces this season, wear it with confidence and you’ll look and feel like a million dollars!


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