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Mr MBA and Kishoreda vs Rafi Saab

Reading Time: 4 minutesAuntyJiMr MBA
Dear Auntyji
I have a little conundrum for which I need your advice. I have been studying for my MBA for the last 3.5 years and now it is coming to a close. My wife, who has a full time job, was tremendously supportive while I was studying. I did not have to do anything around the house. Not one thing. She held down her very busy job, and always cooked a beautiful dinner each night, cleaned the house, washed all my clothes and did not put any demands on me whatsoever. Most importantly, because she is so bright, she was able to assist with some of my assignments, reading them, providing insights and reviews. When I was demotivated, she helped me stay on the right path. She was an angel during the entire time Auntyji, and even when I became stressed, she was always the voice of reason and did not give in to her demons and argue with me. Now, I have grown used to all this, and I am concerned that when my MBA is over, I will have to do all these things. I really liked that I did not have to do anything, but now I will have to. Can you please advise what will be the best solution for me? How do I make myself like helping around the house again?
Auntyji says
You know, you are an impossibly besharam aadmi. You give all men a bad name. You know how to take, but have trouble giving back. If there were more selfish men like you on the planet, no woman would want to get married. The only good thing about you that I see is that at least you are prepared to speak the truth and acknowledge that you are a lazy bekaroo. Ok, now let me take a moment to remind you about your wife. She seems to be the ultimate in womankind, the one who holds down a job, the same as you, yet is able to run a household and take care of you so that you don’t have to worry about any of this. And you say that she did this with grace and dignity. You are truly a lucky man to have such a great wife. Now, you know, I am sure your wife does not absolutely love washing dishes and clothes and vacuuming and cooking. But she does it because it’s the right thing to do, and she wants to look after her family. She puts her feelings aside and gets on with the job. This is what you need to learn from her. You need to stop being such a lazy haraami and get on with the job of helping out.  No one likes to wash dishes, but it needs to get done so one may as well just get it over and done with. Studying for your MBA is tough, but the support structure required to ensure you achieve this without the needless stress is an art, and your wife has managed to accomplish this with ease.
So, grow up, be a real mard and help around the ghar. Your wife will love you for it. Of course, if you want a divorce in a few years, then by all means continue to be a lazy so-and-so and wait for some other man to come and steal your wife from you. You need to know this – women love it when men consider what women want. They want a man to understand that any man who helps his wife with household chores will have a loving family life. So over to you, Mr MBA. Let me know how you go.
Kishore da vs Rafi Saab
Dear Auntyji
In my opinion Kishore Kumar is the Hindi film world’s best singer. My friend who is from Pakistan says it’s Mohd Rafi. I think he only says it because he’s Muslim and Rafi is Muslim too. Sometimes we start arguing about this. I like my friend, but I don’t think Mohd Rafi is the greatest singer. What do you think?
Auntyji says
What the? What kind of na akl, zaleel insaan are you and your friend? Why must the two of you bring religion into everything? Tell me, when you look up at the sky and you see the stars, can you tell if they are Hindu or Muslim? Of course you can’t. Do you know why talented people are called stars? Because when a person has true talent, even when they are gone, their talent continues to shine on us. Similarly, the light from the stars in the sky continues to reach us even after the stars have exploded and died. So Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar are stars, and they are long gone, but their light continues to reach us. So for you to try to work out which was a better singer is insulting their talent. For you to try to bring religion into it, is like spitting on their faces. Religion is a human construct. We are all insaan. So I suggest that the  next time your friend insists that Mohd Rafi was a better singer, you should agree and say, yes, he was a true star and we humans were lucky to have him walk on this same earth as us. Say that Mohd Rafi brought so much joy into so many people’s life that he was indeed the greatest singer. And if your friend laughs at you, then laugh with him, because neither of you could even compete with Kishore Kumar or Mohd Rafi, so what is the point of debating this useless point? Both were talented artists who brought happiness to the lives of millions of people. Let’s leave it at that. One final thing. Only backward people constantly talk about religion. Religion is not what you do on the outside or what you say you do. Religion should be something private – between you and your god. Think of it this way. If there was one god, even if there were many incarnations of him, why would he choose between his children? Wouldn’t a god love all his children equally? So trying to create divisions between the different religions, and seeing others through the framework of different religions is possibly the most insulting thing one could do in the name of religion. We are all human. Let’s leave it at that.

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