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Nutrition traditions

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How much do you know about international foods, customs and traditions? Take this test!

Q: Which of the following is an Italian form of ice-cream?
a) Gelato
b) Grissini
c) Granita
d) Gelatina
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A: (a) Gelato is lighter in texture than American ice-cream. The best gelatos have no additives or preservatives, and are not artificially flavoured. Gelatina means gelatin, grissini are breadsticks, and granita is an ice dessert made with fruit juices or sweetened espresso frozen to the point of slushiness.
Q: A kind of Australian bread is popular during camping as it only consists of flour and water and is cooked on fire. What is the name of the bread?
a) Drover
b) Sconer
c) Damper
d) Digger
Damper Bread nutrition.Indian Link
A: (c) Also called soda bread, damper is an iconic Australian food, the staple of road workers and travellers who journeyed long distances with only basic provisions like flour and sugar.  This is a traditional bread made without using yeast. A perfect camping food item, the customary way of baking damper is to use the coals of a campfire.
Q: If you are eating a whole baked fish in Poland, why should you not flip it over?
a) Because you will capsize the fisherman’s boat.
b) Because you really do not want to see what is under there.
c) Because the bones will come loose and you will not be able to eat it properly.
A: (a) There is an old wives tale in Poland that says it is bad luck to flip over the fish on your plate as it will flip over the fisherman’s boat in the water. Instead, remove the bones completely if you want to get to the other side or just stare at the delicious fish taunting you from your plate.
Whole baked fish tradition.Indian Link
Q: Button mushrooms are a traditional part of which Chinese dish?
a) Chow fun
b) Dim sims
c) Moo goo gai pan
d) Chicken li Tell
A: (c) Moo goo gai pan comes from the Chinese  names of the ingredients. Moo goo is button mushrooms. Gai is chicken. Pan means the chicken is sliced. The dish may also include cabbage, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and other vegetables. Moo goo gai pan uses a chicken stock sauce rather than the brown peanut sauce many other Chinese dishes use. As a Cantonese dish, Moo goo gai pan features milder sauces than other Chinese cuisine.
Button Mushroom nutrition.Indian Link
Q: The world’s most expensive spice is native to Southwest Asia. What is it?
a) Cardamom
b) Saffron
c) Vanilla
d) Star Anise
A: (b) Saffron – the dried stigmas of the flower Crocus Sativus – is the world’s most expensive spice. Some 14,000 stigmas produce one ounce of saffron. It is used in many dishes to colour and flavour food.
Saffron nutrition.Indian Link
Q: One of the most popular Lebanese dishes is small deep-fried balls made of chickpeas, onion, garlic and various herbs and spices. What is it called?
a) Falafel
b) Dim sims
c) Mezze
d) Dumplings
A: (a) Falafel can be served hot or cold. It is often served in pita bread with relish or hummus and is a popular part of vegetarian Lebanese cuisine.
Falafel nutrition.Indian Link
Q: What is the Mexican dip guacamole made from?
a) Kiwi
b) Broccoli
c) Avocado
d) Spinach.
A: (c) Guacamole is a tasty Mexican dip made using avocados. Avocados are fruits containing vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that help your heart, unlike French fries which have unhealthy fats. Guacamole makes a delicious dip as well as a spread for crackers, and is perfect for veggie dipping. Try it as a dip for crunchy bell pepper strips or baby carrots.
Guacamole nutrition.Indian Link

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