Don’t Miss The Link Ep6: The Indian LGBTQ+ community in 2020


It’s been two years since the world’s largest democracy repealed the draconian Section 377 which used to allow discrimination against homosexual people. Only this month, a little closer to home, Queensland and the ACT became the first two Australian states to ban conversion therapy (the practice of forcing queer people to change their sexual or gender identity).

I spoke to people from the Indian LGBTQ+ community about how things have changed for them, if they’ve noticed any progress in society and what the next step towards equality would be.


  1. Milind Mutum from Bengaluru India, works for an educational start-up called Unacademy.
  2. Kunal Mirchandani, chairperson of Trikone Australia
  3. Anonymous community member
  4. Sanjay Alapakkam, 4th year Law and Commerce student at UNSW

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