Don’t Miss The Link Ep5: Oz media fails diversity test again

It's 2020, yet there's no colour on TV.


As per a report that was published last week, Australian media seems to have again failed to represent the country’s diversity accurately onscreen. The latest census already revealed that more than half of Australia was born overseas or have one parent that was born overseas, yet most of what you see on TV are white people. This week, I speak to people who think it’s time to change that and provide perspectives on how this absence of representation can be deeply damaging.


  1. Karishma Luthria, Media graduate from University of Sydney
  2. Aneeta Menon, Writer and business owner
  3. Dr Usha Manchanda Rodrigues, Senior lecturer at Deakin University

Click here to read the report about diversity in Australian media or here to read the analysis by Dr Rodrigues.

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