Indian scientists tap into geoinformatics

Indian scientists devise sophisticated computer technologies to map potential natural hazards to aid in disaster mitigation, writes SAHANA GHOSH

STEMSEL grows in stature

A new South Australian initative in making waves in both India and Australia in promoting world class education

Chennai developer’s app wins Apple design award

Calzy can help you perform day-to-day mathematical calculations in a more elegant way

Modi goes Bridgital: Bridging digital gap between human intentions, AI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the debate on AI should focus on bridging the gap between human intentions and AI, and not its likely negative impact.

Instagram-Update changes worth knowing

Dark Mode Facebook-owned Instagram has updated its platform, adding support for iOS 13's dark mode. The update turns the entire Instagram interface dark including...

Tree root shaped anchors

In an engineering breakthrough, researchers discover tree root-like structures are stronger than traditional anchors. USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND reports

Sporting a new campaign

Overseas students are helping to promote international events in Sydney, writes KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR

India makes its way to Mars

An Indian spacecraft will enter Mars today for scientific exploration of the red planet
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India ranks high on Snapchat’s global friendship survey

To explore how culture, age and technology shape preferences and attitudes related to friendship, Snapchat conducted a global survey of 10,000 people across India, Australia, France, Germany, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK...

Indian-origin student develops water-resistant socks

A 23-year-old student in the US creates water-resistant socks for everyday use