Chennai developer’s app wins Apple design award

Calzy can help you perform day-to-day mathematical calculations in a more elegant way

Peacock feathers inspire new variety of non-polluting fabric dyes

A team of Chinese scientists have developed environmentally-friendly dyes to colour voile textiles

Big Bang-ed out?

The Rainbow Theory attempts to squash existing belief about how the universe began, writes SYDNEY SRINIVAS Recent reports in scientific journals announced the banishment of the hitherto held Big Bang Theory about the origin of...

Beautiful, honest or organic-fed: Pick your goat online this Bakr Eid

Online shopping is not just for clothes, shoes and gizmos, writes MUHAMMAD ZULQARNAIN ZULFI

Prostate cancer breakthrough

A husband and wife research team discover that protein found in milk can help successfully treat prostate cancer. SUDARSHAN ARVIND reports

New app to revolutionise the treatment of cancer

CancerAid will help in information delivery and patient care management. USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND reports

Why I chose robotics

You’d be surprised to know how much of our daily life is touched by mechatronics, writes NIKITA KULKARNI

Scanned to fit

3D body scanners invented by an Australian start-up are set to revolutionise fashion and fitness, reports JYOTI SHANKAR

Collective thinking on India

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are forming new partnerships with India to maximise outcomes and opportunities. AVI CHANDIOK reports

Delhi team wins $1mn XPrize for safety device inspired by Nirbhaya

The pendant-like electronic device can send an alert within seconds of being activated to family and police giving the exact location of the victim