Sydney Writers’ Festival: Women in science…why not?

Stop telling women that science and tech are difficult choices of career, says Angela Saini

Sleep robot, foldable smartphones and more

Here are our favourite technologies/innovations from the Consumer Electronics Show 2019

eToilets: Transforming sanitation via technology

eToilets are the future of latrines writes AKANKI SHARMA
iPhone X and Google Pixel 2.Indian Link

iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL arrive at Telstra

Attractive leasing and ownership plans available for the gadgets

Salvation of the cat species

New research by Monash Uni’s Rajneesh Verma could save the snow leopard from extinction. USHA ARVIND reports
Instagram.Indian Link

You can now restrict bullies on Instagram without notifying them

To curb online bullying, Facebook-owned Instagram announced a unique feature this week, where a user can "shadow ban" or "restrict" a bully from commenting on his or her posts. Once you "restrict" someone, comments on...

Secrets of an online bodyguard

In the wake of Stay Smart Online Week, Beenu Arora shares his passion for information security, writes RITAM MITRA

Google Home: At your command

Christmas shopping? Consider Google Home, but read this first, writes PRIYANKA TATER

Indian-origin scientist discovers wake-sleep mechanism

Indian-American circadian rhythms expert discovers how an animal's biological clock wakes it up in the morning and puts it to sleep at night

Facebook launches healthcare tool for checkup reminders

Facebook launches healthcare tool for checkup reminders Making a foray into the personal digital healthcare domain, Facebook has unveiled a "Preventive Health" tool that connects people to...