facebook mobile

ISIS-linked Facebook accounts still evading detection, says new report

Despite Facebook's efforts to make the platform free of terrorist propaganda, pro-Islamic State (ISIS) accounts have found ways to survive on the platform, says a new report...
tiktok ban

TikTok Australia rejects reports of government ban

After reports emerged that the Australian government is looking into potentially banning TikTok, the app has come forward to reject such claims. They said any reports of...
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video app arrives on Windows 10 devices in India

Amazon has announced that its customers in India can now access Prime Video through a dedicated app available on the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 devices.

JioMeet takes on Zoom, can support up to 100 participants

Amid growing calls for 'Made in India' digital tools, Reliance Jio has launched a free video-conferencing application called JioMeet, taking on US-based Zoom platform.

Chingari, the Indian alternative to TikTok, gets more than 2.5 million downloads

Indian-developed app Chingari, considered an Indian alternative to Tiktok, has witnessed 100,000 downloads per hour since the Indian government’s recent announcement to ban Chinese apps. It has...

This International Asteroid Day, learn more about asteroids

Asteroids may just seem like floating space rocks, but they’re actually far more interesting than this. Every year, 30 June marks International Asteroid Day, a day co-founded...

NASA to pay you 2.6 million for designing a space toilet for Moon

The US space agency has thrown open a challenge to win over 2.6 million, calling the global community to send novel design concepts for compact toilets that...

New Facebook app to let you predict about world events

Facebook has announced to soon launch Forecast, an iOS app that will create a community around predictions related to world events including the Covid-19 pandemic.

3 Indians among 10 winners of Google Android Developer Challenge

Three Indian developers have joined top 10 winners of Google Android Developer Challenge that encourages developers around the world to build apps using machine learning.

US tech honchos slam Trump’s new visa restrictions

From Tim Cook to Sundar Pichai, top technology leaders in the US have come out in the open to criticise US President Donald Trump's latest crackdown on...