Happy 25th anniversary to us!

A 25 year journeyIt was on 25 October 1994 that the first edition of Indian Link rolled off the presses. The team had spent the previous 48 hours putting...

Settling into the new year

The annual pilgrimage to India for many in our community is all done and dusted, and normal routine is gradually returning, writes PAWAN LUTHRA

Lighting up India’s slums

Volunteering with Pollinate Energy allows young Aussie NICKY O’NEILL to become a change agent in the slums of Kolkata

Rising Complexity Across the Board

Online learning is the future – so don’t get left behind, writes DILIP JADEJA

Why ignorance is more dangerous than Muslim immigration

Sonia Kruger’s comments are an abuse of her position. Writes RITAM MITRA

PM Turnbull and all things Indian

What Malcolm Turnbull means for the India-Oz relationship. By PAWAN LUTHRA

What a racist attack in Moscow taught me

To live in the ‘safe’ side of town could be one option. Or, there is another writes KRISHNA NEELAMRAJU

A question of time zones

Will Assam’s decision to introduce a separate time zone be the beginning of a nexus of change? Asks NOEL G DE SOUZA

Narendra Modi: Unshackling Indian Business

Critics who complain that Modi has not met the expectations of Big Business may need to change their opinion, writes Future Directions International's LINDSAY HUGHES

Time for change

PAWAN LUTHRA believes it's time for Tony Abbott to be Australia's next Prime Minister