A message from Victor Dominello for Deepavali

A congratulatory message from Minister Victor Dominello to the Indian-Australian community for the occasion of Deepavali

Citizen-activist stirs India against vigilantes

The #NotInMyName protests, inspired by Delhi-based filmmaker Saba Dewan, prompted even Indian PM Modi to term the attacks as 'unacceptable'. PAWAN LUTHRA writes.

Confiscation of savings leads to panic in Europe

As Europe still flounders in the mire of the GFC, it seems evident that the Euro experiment is a dismal failure, writes NOEL G DE SOUZA

A Christmas message from NSW Premier Mike Baird

It is my pleasure to wish communities across New South Wales a Merry Christmas...

A message from Michelle Rowland MP, Shadow Minister For Citizenship and Multiculturalism

MICHELLE ROWLAND MP extends her best wishes to those celebrating India’s 68th Independence Day
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India’s Sri Lanka challenge

India has failed to respond to Sri Lanka’s aspiration with the scale and speed that China has, writes AMIT DASGUPTA

Conflicting case: India, Pakistan and Afghanistan’s New Dam

India's involvement in building the Shahtoot Dam is a positive step forward for Afghanistan, but may ruffle feathers in Pakistan, writes MADELEINE LOVELLE, Research Analyst, Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme

Trends 2019: The intersection of Indian politics and Twitter

If recent trends are any indication, the messaging system of Twitter could well shape the way forward for Indian politics for the next decade. PM Modi himself has aced his Twitter game for a...

Modi’s Independence Day Speech: Opening New Fronts

Indian PM Modi's address was, on one level, directed towards Pakistan at a deeper level, it also targeted China’s attitude to India, writes LINDSAY HUGHES Research Analyst, Indian Ocean Research Programme

Independence Day: Free to be free

On an individual level, we struggle against self-created obstructions in our own minds that keep us from living fully free lives. Identifying these internal and external shackles is the first step towards reclaiming freedom.