The great dissolve

A double dissolution of parliament would be impossible in India, but seems like a definite possibility here in Australia in the coming months, writes PAWAN LUTHRA

Gender stereotypes continue to hold strong

SHAFEEN MUSTAQ on what’s wrong with traditional norms and how the youth can help advance equality

Not just numbers

It’s important to be principled and pursue your passion, not just the money, writes PAWAN LUTHRA
Priyanka Chopra Quantico.Indian Link

Quantico controversy: Does the Priyanka bashing even make sense?

Priyanka Chopra being targeted for an ‘anti-nationalist’ episode of Quantico is a reminder of mob mentality underpinning Indian society. By RITAM MITRA

Conflicting case: India, Pakistan and Afghanistan’s New Dam

India's involvement in building the Shahtoot Dam is a positive step forward for Afghanistan, but may ruffle feathers in Pakistan, writes MADELEINE LOVELLE, Research Analyst, Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme

Editorial: Desperate housewives

PAWAN LUTHRA's editorial on the 'empty nest' syndrome reviews the need for parents to rejuvenate after the kids leave home

Sixty holding a nation to ransom

A recent report suggests that between 60 and 70 Australians may have joined ISIS in Iraq and Syria, writes PAWAN LUTHRA

Modi’s Independence Day Speech: Opening New Fronts

Indian PM Modi's address was, on one level, directed towards Pakistan at a deeper level, it also targeted China’s attitude to India, writes LINDSAY HUGHES Research Analyst, Indian Ocean Research Programme

Indian-origin diplomats in New Delhi: Australia was a trendsetter

The Australian Foreign Service initiated a multicultural presence in the western diplomatic corps long before it became the norm in India, writes RAKESH AHUJA

The threat of home-grown terrorism

PAWAN LUTHRA's Editorial on terrorism that is a bit closer to home