ScoMo Awards

Awards season

At the start of a new year, we wish happiness, in a general way, to folks known to us. And yet this time of year brings extra...

Indian defence minister teaches ‘namaste’ to Chinese troops

The Chinese soldiers replied saying 'ni hao' with folded hands.

How Bollywood is doing its part against COVID-19

With corporations and businessmen making large contributions to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) Fund, Bollywood wasn’t going to fall behind....

A car rally with multi-faith pitstops: Brisbane tribute to Gandhi

In a unique tribute to Gandhi on his sesquicentenary, a car rally titled Bapu Peace Drive has made its way through Sikh, Muslim and Christian places of...

Why Australia needs more migrants

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia welcomed 210,900 new migrants both (permanent and temporary) in the calendar year 2019. However, the way most things seem...

CHANA gana mana…

RAJNI LUTHRA is feeling patriotic. Let’s have some dal, darl!

#NSWElections2019: SCOTT SINGH of the Keep Sydney Open Party, Candidate for Macquarie Fields

One of their main aims is to protect NSW’s music and culture, activate night-time economy and provide better festival guidelines with the help of industry professionals and law enforcement

Homebush boy Akshath Senthil is Premier’s Spelling Bee runner-up

Spelling seems to be in the Senthil genes as the calm and collected Year 4 student Akshath survived multiple elimination rounds. USHA ARVIND reports.
Floral Fashion.Indian Link

Get floral fashion right

Floral designs are making big waves, here are some tips to master this trend
Indian-Origin.Indian Link

Brisbane monument honours Indian-origin soldiers

Bianca Archer's 2 year project was initiated by Brisbane’s Indian community led by Surendra Prasad OAM.