Memes compare Maharashtra politics to Game of Thrones

The hashtag #GameofThrones started trending on Twitter because netizens are comparing the current political scenario of Maharashtra to the American fantasy drama television series dealing with power play.

India tea gardens facing huge losses following lockdown

Over 850 big tea gardens and thousands of small gardens in the northeastern region of India specially in Assam are closed leading to huge economic loss and...
Floods in Assam

UN offers to help with Assam floods

The intergovernmental organisation has acknowledged the devastating floods currently affecting the state of Assam.The Spokesperson for Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Stephane Dujarric said:"Nearly...
Digital money transfers connecting loved ones during lockdown

Digital money transfers connecting loved ones during lockdown

Indians are enduring mental, physical and financial stress under the coronavirus lockdown, particularly those separated from family members across the world. For the Indian community in Australia, supporting their families...

Money Matters: single woman

You work for your money, but does your money work for you? As the financial year comes to a close, we ask the question, how well do you know your money?

Microsoft in talks to acquire TikTok in US, Australia, NZ markets

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.Microsoft has officially confirmed it is in talks to acquire the operations of video-sharing platform TikTok in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand...

The trendy turnip

The old-fashioned turnip is now back in vogue. With a distinctive flavour, this versatile vegetable can be eaten raw, baked, steamed, roasted, boiled or even stir-fried, writes RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA
Gandhi1.Indian Link

Gandhi looks towards the future in new mural in New York

The Gandhian virtue of the dignity of work and the high-tech future of green jobs, meld their messages on a six-storey high mural commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and the centenary...

Toxic entitlement claims another victim

We need to stop placing our men on pedestals that elevate them so high that they can’t recognise what respect and consent look like

Big boys and their toys

The boys from RIBA (Royal Indian Bikers Australia) roar through town. PUNEET ANAND reports