The golden mantra for curly hair is to never brush or comb curly hair when it's dry

5 tips for your healthy curls

The golden mantra for curly hair is to never brush or comb curly hair when it's dry
The goodness of rosewater

The goodness of rosewater

It can be used to for various problems like puffy eyes, dandruff and it helps provide hydration and maintain pH balance of the skin
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Skincare mistakes to avoid for healthy skin

If great, glowing skin is one of your aspirations this year, make sure you are not making these skincare mistakes.Dr. Geetanjali Shetty, Consultant...

Healthy recipes for your skin

healthy recipes for your skinSkin as an organ is always alive and charged. Skin can be healthy or ill. It can be nourished by exercise and...

#FashionAndHealth: How a fashion show spotlighted women’s health

Fashion designer Alka Chopra with German-Canadian artist Claudia RubinsteinIt was a marriage of talent with textiles at Alka Chopra’s fashion-with-purpose event, held recently at the...

Embrace your difference, says Miss Universe Australia Priya Serrao

The first things that strike you about her are her confidence, her winsome smile and her friendly nature. To us those could be winning traits in themselves, but clearly Priya Serrao has everything else...
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Lilly “Superwoman” Singh wants her late night show to be a ‘ray of light’

It's not everyday that a woman of colour lands a chance to be a late night host on primetime American television. Which is why YouTube queen Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, who's breaking all kinds...
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Beyond 9 to 5: These women built their beauty careers working from home

These women abandoned the 9 to 5 routine, chose to be their own bosses and instead, offered beauty services working from home. Whether as hairdressers or beauticians, their challenges were similar but their stories...

Winter Skincare Tips

A few timely tips will make your skin look great and prevent drying out during winters, advises MINNAL KHONA
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Deepika Padukone at Cannes 2019 and the frill seekers of fashion

Rihanna wore it back in 2017. Last year, J Lo wore a hotter, pinker version of it for the premiere of her movie Second Act. OTT outfits have been a fashion staple for the...