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Ask Auntyji: Big hearts, huge shaadis

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Ask Auntyji: Why does Kareena’s son Taimur have blue eyes?

Now we all know that Saif and Soha and Kunal and Kereena all have brown eyes. How come their babies are blue eyed? Biology classes taught me that brown eyes are recessive - so how come all these generationally brown eyed people are having blue eyed babies?
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Ask Auntyji: Jahnvi Kapoor and counting coins

Our resident agony aunt will solve your daily dilemmas
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Auntyji: MIL and moving millenials

Our resident agony aunt solves your dilemmas
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Ask Auntyji: Bollywood converts and distasteful desi men

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Ask Auntyji: Bold Babies and Treacherous Tradies

Our resident agony aunt answers your dilemmas!

Ask Auntyji: When biwi becomes Florence Foster Jenkins

Bubbles in my beer Dear Auntyji Last week, my good friend sent me a text asking if my wife and I were interested in going to a restaurant for a craft beers night. I asked my...

Ask Auntyji: Marriage equality and cry baby

On marriage equality Dear Auntyji There is a lot of tamasha on at the moment about marriage equality. I am a little caught up about this - I mean, shouldn't the sacred rites and rituals be...

Ask Auntyji: wedding invitations and star signs

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Ask Auntyji: IT envy and property shock

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