Dr Munjed Al Muderis at AIMGA

Sydney orthopaedic surgeon Dr Munjed Al Muderis prescribes a good dose of positivity at AIMGA’s annual dinner

Nation or alienation?

The new, university-level English language test that has been proposed for citizenship is unfair and will make second-class citizens out of hardworking migrants, writes PAWAN LUTHRA

Irish PM-elect: Indian links

QUAID NAJMI meets Leo Ashok Varadkar’s extended family in Mumbai

Fostering Trade Links

Australian leaders continue to travel to India seeking commercial opportunities

Actress Jiah Khan commits suicide

Bollywood actress Nafisa alias Jiah Khan (25), committed suicide at her residence in Mumbai on 3 June

Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh dead at 49

Rituparno Ghosh, one of the strongest Indian filmmakers in the post-Satyajit Ray period, died in Kolkata on May 30. He was 49.

Rangeelay rising: Jimmy Shergill interview

Jimmy Shergill took time out to chat with KUDRAT SINGH on what makes Rangeelay special

Motographer Man's journey in Australia so far…

Images from Sunny's Grand Australian Road trip

Its all about perspective?

We should mourn the loss of precious human life no matter where in the world tragedy occurs, reports RITAM MITRA

Saying no to nuclear

The Radioactive Exposure Tour highlights the need for caution when it comes to nuclear power in India, reports Jyoti Shankar