A new global podcast featuring children’s short stories

A new global podcast featuring children’s short stories narrated by a renowned cast of leading actors and influencers, aims to take families on an adventure that transports them out...

Study made easier

A new study app helps students prepare for HSC exams, writes DANIELLE MATHIAS

Learning Punjabi at school

Mainstream students can now learn Punjabi language at the Year 7 level. Writes NANDITHA SURESH
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Tougher citizenship test? Don’t worry!

Sydney PTE Institute has recently launched a training programme to equip aspirants about all aspects of the new test Becoming an Australian citizen isn’t a cakewalk anymore. The tougher English language test, which demands university-level...
Harvard, MIT file case to stop student visas restriction

Harvard, MIT file case to stop student visas restriction

Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Rafael Reif.Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have filed a lawsuit against US President Donald Trump administration's decision to ban...

A new start at school

When it comes to students, parents and teachers should expect more but demand less, writes MOHAN DHALL

What’s the plan?

Specificity and accountability in setting goals are keys to success, writes MOHAN DHALL

Why being a number – not a name – is necessary

Assessment is at its most effective when students are unidentifiable, writes MOHAN DHALL

India to offer 1,000 PhD fellowships to ASEAN students at IITs

 In a unique capacity building initiative, India launched 1,000 PhD fellowships that could be taken up at the IITs, for the students from ASEAN countries. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and Human Resource Development Minister...

Not just black or white

Traditional teaching models need to adapt and empower young people to learn how to think for themselves, writes MOHAN DHALL