Let’s learn Telugu

Sydney grandfather creates syllabus for Telugu language schools in NSW

Starting out at Uni

RITAM MITRA on what new students - and parents - can expect from the next few years
Effort.Indian Link

How something is acquired, so it is retained

Authenticity is born in the silent purity of effort. Understanding the depth of meaning in the aphorism, “how something is acquired - so it is retained” is central to authentic teaching, authentic management and leadership,...

All are gifts, but not all are gifted

Why we must accept that giftedness is a rare trait. MOHAN DHALL writes

Good pain, bad pain

In education, sometimes the pride you gain is worth the pain, writes MOHAN DHALL
Dog Therapy.Indian Link

Dog therapy for stressed students

Therapy dog sessions have a measurable, positive effect on the wellbeing of university students.

Hindu kids more likely to believe ‘Indian equals Hindu’

Acc. to research from University of California, Berkeley, Hindu children are more likely than their Muslim peers to connect their faith to national identity
teacher feedback.Indian Link

Hit and run

Don’t accept a teacher’s feedback that identifies your child’s problem but doesn’t offer a solution, writes MOHAN DHALL.

Learning to learn

In the hurry to complete tasks, nothing is truly finished, WRITES MOHAN DHALL.

High School, Check!

Year 12 finishers look back at the final year of school, writes RADHIKA BHATIA