Being Punjabi

EMIE ROY makes a visit to Glenwood’s Punjabi school
Akshay Venkatesh.IndianLink

Indian Australian math prodigy wins international award

Often thought of as the Nobel Prize for mathematicians, the Fields Medal is awarded to two to four researchers worldwide under 40 years old to recognise outstanding mathematical achievement for existing work and for the promise of future achievement.

‘Decoding’ your child’s school report

Although school reports have become more articulate and detailed, the jargon is leaving parents confused about their child’s performance

Helping to educate India's children

A group of students from Monash University sees India up close, writes SUKRIT SABHLOK

Uni students fundraise for Pulwama

UQISC sets a noble agenda for 2019, WRITES RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA.

Today’s children, tomorrow’s future

To mark the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we asked a few teachers to tell us what they like best about their job

Science busking – how these women are leading the way

As a high school student not so long ago, Riddhi Gupta remembers being fascinated by her time in the science labs and with scientists in general.“Those early experiences with science stayed on with me,...

Mixed messages

Different sectors are shifting the blame for Australia’s falling international rankings, losing sight of the varying needs of students. MOHAN DHALL reports
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India-Australia: What it’s like living in India for an Aussie expat

Just as the average Indian migrant faces a mixed bag of experiences - some pleasant and some challenging - it’s a tricky affair for Aussie expats living in India as well. We speak to...

Coding for kids

Children can test their creative skills through coding, writes HASNAIN ZAHEER