My high school life

Holiday to-do list, welcoming Lord Ganesha… and making my own USB case! ANANYA WAKHARE writes.

The perception of education

Conflict can arise in schools when communication is not open, by MOHAN DHALL

Homebush boy Akshath Senthil is Premier’s Spelling Bee runner-up

Spelling seems to be in the Senthil genes as the calm and collected Year 4 student Akshath survived multiple elimination rounds. USHA ARVIND reports.

For argument’s sake

Champion debater and Year 10 student KHEVALIN PAREKH on how competitive debating has enriched her personality and taught her many life skills

My High School Life

Holiday highlights: Feathered friends, weekend away and some art. ANANYA WAKHARE writes.

Give automated marking a chance

Educators should have an open mind about computers assessing creative work. MOHAN DHALL writes.

Let’s learn Telugu

Sydney grandfather creates syllabus for Telugu language schools in NSW
teacher feedback.Indian Link

Hit and run

Don’t accept a teacher’s feedback that identifies your child’s problem but doesn’t offer a solution, writes MOHAN DHALL.

Finishing strong

School holidays: MOHAN DHALL suggests finding a balance between self-absorption and (shock horror!) routine activities

The human cost of migration

Three studies by WA Professor Jaya Dantas explore key issues related to refugee as well as skilled migrants. UMA NAIR reports