Cultural shock, student life

International Students: Funny Real-life Culture Shock Anecdotes

Source: Getty ImageHalfway through watching my first film in an Australian movie theatre, I realised that I really needed to go to the washroom. When I asked my friend...
online semester

COVID-19: How online semesters have affected uni offer acceptances

In the last decade, the US, UK, and Australia have been coveted education hubs for Indian students. Not only have they offered great study opportunities but they’re often the steppingstone towards post-study...

Helping students to succeed in their university studies

A UTS:INSEARCH diploma can fast track you into the second year of a bachelor degree at the University of Technology Sydney

Reverse answers

We must ask the right questions in order to understand students’ motivation and interest in learning, writes MOHAN DHALL
nutrition rich food

Nutrition rich food for little ones

Nutrition is a key actor in your little child's development, whether physical or cognitive, and can complement contributions from genetic and environmental - physical and psychosocial - factors.A balanced nutrition comprising carbohydrates, proteins and fat along...

India-Australia must forge knowledge partnership

Can the two countries envision a mutually-benefiting relationship on the basis of education, questions AMIT DASGUPTA
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How something is acquired, so it is retained

Authenticity is born in the silent purity of effort.Understanding the depth of meaning in the aphorism, “how something is acquired - so it is retained” is central to authentic teaching, authentic management and leadership,...

AISG talks community issues with Victoria Premier

The roundtable event held at Victoria’s Parliament House provided the Premier insights from members of the Indian community on subjects varying from filming to aged care to employment.

HSC 2020: Studying online

While the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations will proceed as usual in 2020, the ever-evolving situation of the coronavirus outbreak in Australia has forced Year 12 students...

Animated Hip Hop Hindi-Rapper for pre-schoolers up to the age of 8

Rhyme Rapper, an animated hip-hop artiste, has been created for "pre-schoolers" up to the age of 8. Rhyme Rapper€™'s hip-hop styled original rhymes in Hindi are a new take on some...