Hybrid education

Teaching and studying systems are undergoing an uncertain change due to technology. By MOHAN DHALL

Silver streak for Deakin in India

Deakin University completes 25 years in India

Mixed messages

Different sectors are shifting the blame for Australia’s falling international rankings, losing sight of the varying needs of students. MOHAN DHALL reports
School.Indian Link

My High school life

It’s the last term of school, and the last edition of this column. By ANANYA WAKHARE

Anti-bullying activist wins Oz Day honour

Teaching others to give back to society earns a Sydney teen the Young Citizen of the Year award. DEEKSHA CHOPRA reports.

My High School Life

After surviving Term One of Year 7, the holidays are a chance to refresh and work on some fun projects, writes ANANYA WAKHARE

Rewarding merit not participation

Fostering fragility among our children by awarding the simple act of taking part, writes MOHAN DHALL

AISG talks community issues with Victoria Premier

The roundtable event held at Victoria’s Parliament House provided the Premier insights from members of the Indian community on subjects varying from filming to aged care to employment.

Give automated marking a chance

Educators should have an open mind about computers assessing creative work. MOHAN DHALL writes.