Ready, set, school!

Holidays are fun, but with a new school year right around the corner now it’s time to get organised!

Leave a place better…

…for having been there. You can do this by being focused, aware and thoroughly present, writes MOHAN DHALL
Learning through a laptop

Learning through a laptop

With most universities moving to online learning, USyd’s RHEA L NATH provides some tips for students to stay on top of their game without the structure of...
top ranked Indian students of HSC 2019

HSC 2019: Looking back at the last year of school

Students share their insights into surviving the HSC yearAmey UppalCastle Hill High SchoolATAR: 96.35


Students at Girraween Public School take part in the FIRST® LEGO® League Junior competition, designed to engender a love for STEM. SONDARYA KRISHNAN reports

Animated Hip Hop Hindi-Rapper for pre-schoolers up to the age of 8

Rhyme Rapper, an animated hip-hop artiste, has been created for "pre-schoolers" up to the age of 8. Rhyme Rapper€™'s hip-hop styled original rhymes in Hindi are a new take on some...

How CommBank stock holds up, in the eyes of student financial analysts

This year, the University of Sydney Business School were declared the winners of the CFA Institute Research Challenge, an annual competition featuring more than 6,000 students around the world. The winning...

My high school life

The zoo, the athletics carnival… and a bit of soldering. ANANYA WAKHARE writes.

There’s no such thing as a dumb student

All students, regardless of ability, will benefit from a reimagined approach to education, writes MOHAN DHALL
Bully.Indian Link

Bullies and an angry world

What happens when those you expect to empathise and protect you from bullying become the cause of it, asks MOHAN DHALL