IIT Kharagpur welcomes Australian students with scholarships

In a significant boost to its ongoing academic exchange programmes with Australian institutions, IIT Kharagpur has instituted competitive high-value scholarships for students from the University of Melbourne enrolled under the Dual Doctoral...

Give automated marking a chance

Educators should have an open mind about computers assessing creative work. MOHAN DHALL writes.

Putting education first

Pratham is working to ensure every child in India is educated and working to their fullest potential, writes KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR

Australia honours Aung San Suu Kyi

A renowned human rights activist expresses her thoughts and feelings during a felicitation by leading universities, reports SANDIP HOR

AISG talks community issues with Victoria Premier

The roundtable event held at Victoria’s Parliament House provided the Premier insights from members of the Indian community on subjects varying from filming to aged care to employment.

What to watch if you’re missing Uni life

Online classes can’t make up for the fun of campus life? Binge-watch these shows and movies.GreekSet in the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes...
Effort.Indian Link

How something is acquired, so it is retained

Authenticity is born in the silent purity of effort.Understanding the depth of meaning in the aphorism, “how something is acquired - so it is retained” is central to authentic teaching, authentic management and leadership,...

Student of the year

International PhD student wins award for contributions to campus life and the Australian community, writes DANIELLE MATHIAS

Mala Aunty’s Hindi school completes glorious 30 years

Our Indian Link Radio host Raghu spoke with Mala Mehta of the Indo-Australian Bal Bharathi Vidyalaya Hindi School (IABBV) which just completed 30 years.

A bright future

Year 12 finishers conclude yet again that the secret to success in the HSC is a balanced lifestyle, writes MANAN LUTHRA