Silver streak for Deakin in India

Deakin University completes 25 years in India

India needs to overhaul its education system

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What’s the plan?

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COVID-19 and school closures

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Hybrid education

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Giving without charity: Why promoting “charitable work” devalues the giving

There is a trend these days that on every student CV there should be a line stating the “charity” work they’ve undertaken. Parents love this idea - that their children will have done something...

Flipped out

The 21st century learning experience may be more flippant than fabulous, writes MOHAN DHALL

Australia honours Aung San Suu Kyi

A renowned human rights activist expresses her thoughts and feelings during a felicitation by leading universities, reports SANDIP HOR

Mastery at memorising

The very concept and definition of memory function is changing with a smarter, tech-savvy generation, reports RADHA RAVI