My high school life

Holiday to-do list, welcoming Lord Ganesha… and making my own USB case! ANANYA WAKHARE writes.


Society must be better equipped to deal with youth mental health issues, writes MOHAN DHALL

COVID19: Do international students regret not going back home?

Gargi MukkamalaWith swift travel bans implemented across the globe in March, many international students had to scramble to make travel arrangements. A lot of students were unable to...

Singing to his own tune

HSC 2018: Music student Kiran Gupta tops the state in Music 1.
School Term 3.Indian Link

My high school life

It’s true, time flies. I can’t believe that Year 8 is just around the corner! Like any other term in Year 7, Term 3 is fully packed with lots of work and activities. Since...

Today’s children, tomorrow’s future

To mark the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we asked a few teachers to tell us what they like best about their job

Flipped out

The 21st century learning experience may be more flippant than fabulous, writes MOHAN DHALL

Fear not the open book

Educators should embrace open book exams to improve critical and creative thinking skills in students, writes MOHAN DHALL

Why we need more Indian history at school

USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND investigates the place of India in the proposed changes to the NSW History syllabus

There is no such thing as a lazy child

If we treat a child as lazy, we devalue their intelligence, writes MOHAN DHALL