Malayalam school

Plumpton’s Balakairali caters to the language learning needs of children in Sydney’s Keralite community, EMIE ROY reports

Bollywood 101

QUT students travel to Mumbai to get a feel for the world’s most prolific film industry, writes RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

Homebush boy Akshath Senthil is Premier’s Spelling Bee runner-up

Spelling seems to be in the Senthil genes as the calm and collected Year 4 student Akshath survived multiple elimination rounds. USHA ARVIND reports.

Leave a place better…

…for having been there. You can do this by being focused, aware and thoroughly present, writes MOHAN DHALL

Changing lives one child at a time

Two inspirational young women won OAMs this Australia Day for their work in India

School strike: “We’d be in school if you did your job”

Why one Adelaide student joined the school strike for climate action

Cause and effect thinking: a new skill to teach and learn

A lesson that applies to all students - and parents and all adults - is that of understanding the link between cause and effect. Teaching children the link between action or inaction and the result that follows,...

A bright future for VCE achievers

As students finish their VCE, they reflect upon the past year and emphasise that persistence is the key to success, MANAN LUTHRA reports

My high school life

The zoo, the athletics carnival… and a bit of soldering. ANANYA WAKHARE writes.

Rising Complexity Across the Board

Online learning is the future – so don’t get left behind, writes DILIP JADEJA