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Creating the society we want to live in

Visiting speaker draws upon Sikh values to effect societal change, reports SIMREN SAMRAI.

Ties that bind

By extending his hand, the brother symbolically offers love and protection to his sister. USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND on the Hindu festival of filial love, Rakhi
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Equality for all

From 12 September, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be mailing out the Australian Marriage Law survey - a postal poll commissioned by the federal government to gauge levels of support amongst Australians regarding...

When gambling becomes a problem

Think you need help? Call Relationships Australia. RAJNI MANDAN reports

Learning about fasting at Ramadan

AMIA hosts a multicultural Iftar event writes ROYSTON REBELLO
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UK officials threaten Indian woman in coma with deportation

A 31-year-old Indian woman has been threatened with deportation by UK Home Office officials despite being in a coma after undergoing a major operation. Bhavani Espathi was in a vegetative state for a week and...
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Victoria announces $600,000 grant for Rockbank’s Sri Durga temple

Victoria’s Minister for Suburban Development Marlene Kairouz has announced a $600,000 grant for the Sri Durga Temple in Rockbank. “Recognising our community’s proud diversity (we are) investing in upgrading infrastructure for our multicultural communities to...