Over-baked vendetta pulp

In how many ways can a wronged woman get even with a man?

Humpty falls flat

As you wait for the young lovers in Ambala to sort out the mess in the matters of the heart, you wonder how many rip-offs, homages, tributes and remakes of Aditya Chopra’s DDLJ we would have to bear before this... classic is put to rest

The soul-mate wish list

A courtship is conducted with colourful candour instead of the usual blindingly romantic journey to love, writes SUBHASH K. JHA

Flashback: This sixteen-year-old could be the first Indian MP in Australia! | Vega Tamotia

In this flashback to May, 2001 we interview a young Vega Tamotia, now a Bollywood star!

Move over Selfies, it’s Sketchies for SRK!

We’re talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s recent Twitter obsession. You see, he’s set his fans a bit of homework: to make a sketch of him and send it in. But the world’s second-richest actor loves them all

Elope at your own risk

It’s that old boy-meets-girl thing again. But with a twist. Writes SUBHASH K. JHA

Deeply flawed, fatally self-defeating

Siddharth simmers and scorches onscreen with his implosive one-man-against-the-world act, writes SUBHASH K.JHA

Kicking up a storm

Salman Khan’s song Jumme ki raat, released recently as a teaser to his upcoming film Kick, has gone viral

Vidya Balan is Bobby Jasoos in Hyderabad

As a detective comedy-drama Bobby Jasoos is filled with furtive delights and the ambivalent aromas of a city that never sleeps, writes SUBHASH K. JHA

Irrfan, Tillotama win best actors for 'Qissa' at Qld Film Fest

Indian actors Irrfan Khan and Tillotama Shome namedbest actors at the International Film Festival of Queensland (IFFQ) in Australia.