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Indian-origin candidates in the 2019 Aus Federal Elections: Vivek Singha

We get to know one of the Indian-origin candidates in the 2019 Federal Elections fray - Vivek Singha, Liberal Party, McMahon NSW. What convinced you to join the party of your choice? I am passionate about...
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Eye on India

PM Modi and India at centrestage in talks at Sydney think tanks. Writes PAWAN LUTHRA
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Bumpy road ahead for ScoMo

PAWAN LUTHRA on the newest Australian Prime Minister-elect, Scott Morrison

Kerala: Bringing God’s Own Country back

Over 400 lives lost, countless homes destroyed, livestock and pets lost – the floods in Kerala have ravaged the state like nothing before. After what seems like an eternity, the water is finally receding...
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Budding Indian-origin artists in the Young Archie 2019 competition

Two young artists of Indian origin have made it to the shortlist at this year’s Young Archie competition at the Art Gallery of NSW, held concurrently with the Archibald Prize exhibition. Sydney’s Lakshman Nitish Ramesh...

Toxic entitlement claims another victim

We need to stop placing our men on pedestals that elevate them so high that they can’t recognise what respect and consent look like

Changing lives one child at a time

Two inspirational young women won OAMs this Australia Day for their work in India

The Diwali scene across Sydney

A quick look at the Diwali celebrations across Sydney this year.

#JusticeForAsifa: Australian & Indian intelligentsia sign letter of petition

Prominent writers, artists, theatre practitioners, musicians and academics from Australia have signed a letter expressing outrage against the brutal rape and murder that has shocked nations across the world.

SCG Day 2: India pile on the misery in Sydney

Nothing could have prepared the Aussies for the onslaught that erupted on Day 2 of the Sydney test.