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What Indian Australians are doing for tourism

Indians in Australia are boosting tourism inflow in the form of visiting family and friends. Destination NSW should make the most of it, writes PAWAN LUTHRA

Sydney pollution labelled ‘public health emergency’

A joint statement signed by 22 organisations has labelled Sydney's poor air quality a "public health emergency" that requires urgent government action, as Australia's New South Wales...

Australian Government to return three more stolen artefacts to India

When PM Scott Morrison visits India in January 2020, he will take with him three stolen artefacts (statues) from the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra).These include a...

Team India at Gold Coast: Get, set, go!

A quick lowdown of the opening ceremony and Indian medal hopefuls

Dave Sharma: From diplomat to politician

Indian-origin Dave Sharma, who’s had a distinguished career in the diplomatic services, joins Pawan Luthra on Indian Link Radio to chat about his political plans, Indian links, his love for Rogan Josh and more.
climate change

Climate change on the agenda

Photo: Wikipedia CommonsFor those from the subcontinent, a high AQI is par for course. Usually ranging from 100 to 200 between Jan and Sept, it can spike...

Shivali Nayak

In an era of heightened concern about diversity, Shivali Nayak, listed in this year’s 40 Under 40 Most influential Asian-Australians, has experienced the double whammy of bias based on her ethnicity as well as gender....
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Indian Link presents ‘Aussie Bites’ With Chef Ranveer Brar

In an exciting new Indian Link series 'Aussie Bites', popular Indian chef Ranveer Brar travels around Australia trying new foods, making new friends and trading stories.Presenting episode 1: 'Getting Political', in which Ranveer meets Indophile...

Dazzling Diwali art in Strathfield

Diwali-themed artworks at a unique exhibition at Strathfield Library

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2018

Those in our community receiving the Queen's Birthday Honours 2018