How travel broadens your mind

Backpacking around the world gives one traveller an insight into his own culture. FRANKEY GERARD FERNANDES writes.

Crafting silence out of words

Michelle Cahill’s Letter to Pessoa wins the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for New Writing. RAKA SARKHEL reports

Books on the Beach litfest for Kerala’s Kovalam Beach

Come November, Kerala’s Kovalam Beach will host the inaugural 'Books on the Beach' literary festival, under the guidance of Shashi Tharoor

Popular Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen's novel is still a hit 200 years later, with observations that are still relevant today, writes NIMA MENON

The Mumbai Mafia

The seedy underworld of India’s financial and entertainment capital has provided fodder for a plethora of books, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN
Ed Husain The House Of Islam.Indian Link

Islam through a different lens

Ed Husain talks about the mainstream and pluralist form of Islam with Tasneem Chopra at the Melbourne Writers Festival. APARNA ANANTHUNI reports.

An indictment of British colonialism

The book is a powerful commentary on the true nature of British occupation in Asia, writes MR NARAYAN SWAMY

Selfie Queen of the literary type

Writer and academic Roanna Gonsalves is a leading Indian link at the Sydney Writers’ Festival 2017 by RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

Reviving the classics

Tamil classics are being brought to life for a new generation of readers, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN

Discovering her selves

Durga-Chew Bose’s fragmented identity and contradictions are the main protagonists in her writing. Writes RAKA SARKHEL LAHA