On China and India in a dominant Asia

On China and India in a dominant Asia

On China and India in a dominant Asia

Taking care of business

Exploring books that take a macro view of the economy to those that look at individual stories of business success

Taming demons

Passion Flower: Seven Stories of Derangement is a meeting with the darker side of human kind, writes SHILPA RAINA

What the war wrought

VIKAS DATTA on India's World War II experience

Masala murders from Mumbaistan

Thrillers with Indian twists, like Anita Nair's latest novel, are fetching mega bucks in the booming mass fiction market

Karan Johar’s memoir lays bare all; reflects Bollywood’s ambiguity

SAKET SUMAN on KJo’s new book 'An Unsuitable Boy'

William Dalrymple: Afghanistan archivist at SWF

William Dalrymple speaking at the SWF recounts the British’s botched attempt at mastering Afghanistan, writes CHRISTOPHER CYRILL

Co-operative co-existence

Pax Indica by Shashi Tharoor urges India to wield her soft power – but is this a glorified, yet impractical role?

Life in the time of permawar

How are we to live in this man-made war zone that our world has become? RAKA SARKHEL asks

Protecting our freedom of expression

Sydney writers express solidarity for the beleaguered Tamil author Perumal Murugan. NANDITHA SURESH reports