The eternal war within

M.R. NARAYAN SWAMY reviews a new book that explores Sri Lanka’s continuing turmoil

Reimagining India

A new essay collection explores the growth and potential of the world’s largest democracy, writes KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR

Lessons from the Master

Perth author Vidagdha Bennett is set to release a new book about the golden days of Sri Chinmoy, writes GRAHAK CUNNINGHAM

A tale of two cities

The city formerly known as Madras is traditional yet thirsting for change. Chennai remains a place of contradictions, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN

Taming demons

Passion Flower: Seven Stories of Derangement is a meeting with the darker side of human kind, writes SHILPA RAINA

The human condition in the Internet age

We might be robots, but robots have feelings too. SALMA SHAH reviews a newly released collection of short stories.

Capital growth

Check out this list of fascinating books that paint a picture of Delhi through the ages, by CHITRA SUDARSHAN

Did that light your fire?

Indian writings of pleasurable things between the pages win Bad Sex Awards for all the wrong reasons, reports LENA PEACOCK

Geek Sublime vs the scribe

Novelist and coder Vikram Chandra spins a web of programmer’s yarn with fellow geek Adam Spencer at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, reports LENA PEACOCK

Ties that bind

SALMA SHAH reviews Perth writer Suparna Chatterjee’s debut novel, A Dozen Stories in a Tale