Curried Cultures.Indian Link

Curried cultures

Exploring the relationship between globalisation and South Asian cooking

Masala murders from Mumbaistan

Thrillers with Indian twists, like Anita Nair's latest novel, are fetching mega bucks in the booming mass fiction market

The human condition in the Internet age

We might be robots, but robots have feelings too. SALMA SHAH reviews a newly released collection of short stories.

Chinese Puzzles

Author Qiu Xiaolong's 'Inspector Chen' gives readers an insight into modern China, writes VIKAS DATTA
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Tamil: A Biography by David Dean Shulman | Book review

It was quite by accident that I stumbled upon a prodigious and erudite scholar of India – especially southern India, during one of my recent trips to India. The book, in bright orange, titled...

Dragons and elephants

We thought we will get a handle on the subject by exploring some books that look at both China and India, and use the words ‘Dragon’ and ‘Elephant’

On India in Love…and money

Romance is more important than money… but India can’t pay its bills with hugs. CHITRA SUDARSHAN writes.
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Don’t miss! Five books to look forward to in February 2018

SAKET SUMAN narrows down a list from dozens of books releasing in February; here are recommendations dominated largely by fiction and accompanied by a memoir and a commentary on Pakistan.
A Sting of Peppercorns.Indian Link

A slice of Goa in the 60s

A novel looks at the tiny state’s history during a tumultuous time, writes MAYABHUSHAN NAGVENKAR

Of sprawling chawls

There's a long list of books out there that capture the spirit of Mumbai, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN