Divine incarnation

For this year’s Archibald Prize, artist Kate Beynon painted Sangeeta Sandrasegar as a contemporary embodiment of the goddess Durga, writes SARONI ROY

Soldier daddy

Sydney couple tastes success with first-ever home film production, writes TARINI PURI

Sounds Sculpted by the Sea

Harsha Vardhan Durugadda’s Column of Sound is awarded top prize at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2017. ASHWINI SASEEDARAN reports

Best selfie of the year comp

Indian Link is on the lookout for the best selfie of 2013 - enter now!

Bill Murray photographer, live with Kashif on Indian Link Radio

The excitement began when Raheel released a simple photo he took of a young couple, which was photobombed by Hollywood celebrity Bill Murray

A spirit of religious tolerance

An exhibition celebrating the many religions of India hints at the essential secularism of Indian society, writes EMILY ITEE DEWAN

Awetistic optimistic

Patrick Francis is a special needs artist who hasn’t allowed the constraints of his disorder to keep him from achieving his dreams, writes SWATI BHARGAV

Ganesha in 108 ways

What's in a name? Ganesha has 108!Lord Ganesha has ascribed many titles and epithets and is invoked by 108 names in Sanskrit. Each name represents one aspect of the god, which are collectively known as...

Tender Heart: A novel Indian experience through Katy’s eyes

Indefatigable - a term to describe a person who persists tirelessly. This is the word that comes to mind when I hear of yet another effort on the part of Katy Fitzgerald...

Warli Wise

A new exhibition presents worldly wisdom and snippets of life from the tribal paintings of the Warlis of India, writes RAKA SARKHEL