Khayshie Tilak Ramesh: Educating for change

Khayshie Tilak Ramesh, the Victorian Multicultural Commission's new Youth Commissioner, is also Mayor of the newly established Bendigo Youth Council.

$340,000 grant to Officer Gurudwara

MP Jason Wood's announcement a welcome boost for south-eastern Sikh community. PREETI JABBAL reports

Walking for mum

Melbourne siblings raise $12,000 for Lymphoma Australia

A slice of Kerala at Rochey

At Rochey, an unpretentious pub in Fitzroy, PREETI JABBAL finds flavours from God’s own country lovingly prepared by chef Mischa Tropp

Indians in Oz

The FAQs that make us love our Facebook community groups

Goan voice

The Goan Overseas of Association (GOA) of Victoria, marked its 40th anniversary in February

What Sonu Sood did in Melbourne

It was quite a special Valentine’s Day this time round, catching up with my college time friend Sonu Sood who was in town. Nearly a quarter of a century later the Bollywood star seemed fit...

That old but new feeling

Some of the most profound aspects of India’s ancient culture get a modern treatment in the works of Mohit Pandit and his Melbourne-based band Melody Theatre

Touchy subject

It’s another round of screenings for Ghirija Jayarraj’s short film on asylum seekers


Giving a contemporary interdisciplinary treatment to ancient Kantha embroidery