Bollywood 101

QUT students travel to Mumbai to get a feel for the world’s most prolific film industry, writes RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

Superstar Shanthi

A young girl overcomes the challenges of Down Syndrome and delivers a flawless and inspirational performance, writes SAI NARAYAN

Juggernaut marvel!

Brisbane witnesses its first ever Festival of Chariots, the oldest and biggest street parade in the world, reports TASNEEM ZAVERY

Ramayana at Diwali…

… and Garba too! SAI NARAYAN reports from the Swan Festival of Lights
Reissuance of OCI Cardholders

Relaxation on the re-issuance of OCI card

Some Relaxation on the re-issuance of OCI cardThe holders of the Overseas Citizens of India or OCI cards, who are either below 20 years or...

Exploring new education opportunities

Charles Sturt University Study Centre launches its Brisbane campus. VISH CHILUMKURTI reports

OzAsia 2019: Indian Selection

At the OzAsia Festival this year, there are some excellent artistes of Indian origin, it seems at least one, if not more, in each of the spheres – dance, music, theatre, art,...

Networking for career success

YSPN Brisbane’s carefully planned events continue to attract the youth. TASNEEM ZAVERY reports

All for Peace

Let’s run to create a more peaceful world, writes GRAHAK CUNNINGHAM

Up close with Aussie wildlife

It is described as a park or a nature reserve, but this spot is best experienced as a ‘Peace Blossom’, writes GRAHAK CUNNINGHAM