Mohanlal Mania in Sydney

The southern superstar captures hearts with earnest performance in Australia

Dr do good

Plastic surgeon Dr Dilip Gahankari swaps vanity surgeries to help change the lives of disfigured tribal people in India. TASNEEM ZAVERY reports
New parent, new baby, new bundle of joy

New Year with a bundle of joy

New year BabyAdelaide's newest parents Nisha Wadhwa and Deepak Bajaj started the New Year with a bundle of joy in their hands, newborn baby Analiya.

In praise of Harmony Week

When one day is not enough to celebrate the harmony amongst us. GRAHAK CUNNINGHAM reports

Road trip Indian style

In an exciting new exhibition, a range of garments fuse the traditional and the modern to make a statement, writes TRACEY LENNON


GOPIO Gold Coast marks Women’s Day

Creating a resilient rice

Researchers from Australia and India are combining efforts to create a sustainable crop, despite draught and salinity conditions, reports TASNEEM ZAVERY

A healthy love for life: Dr Thakorbhai Babubhai Patel, OAM

Dr Thakorbhai Babubhai Patel is bestowed an OAM, for service to the community for a range of volunteer roles. VISH CHILUMKURTI reports

A monument to commemorate the Indian links at Gallipoli

Brisbane’s Indian community plans a memorial in honour of Indian soldiers in the two World Wars. VISH CHILUMKURTI reports

India comes alive in Brizzie!

All things Indian are showcased at the week-long Encounters India festival, writes TASNEEM ZAVERY