Power dancing folk-style

A Tamil dance troupe holds the audience in thrall, writes AVI CHANDIOK
Shruti Ashutosh Yelleshwaram.Indian Link

Colours and curries

Adelaide-based Indian artist spices up ambience in restaurants with evocative wall art, writes SHAMPA BHATTACHARYA BRUWELEIT

Mohanlal Mania in Sydney

The southern superstar captures hearts with earnest performance in Australia
Anh Do1.Indian Link

Lessons from the story of Anh Do, the ‘happiest refugee’ in Australia

It was 700 of us in the Adelaide Convention Centre, and we were all laughing and crying at the same time, thanks to Anh Do. Who would have thought listening to a keynote address...

‘Classical dance is pure joy’

Her reputation precedes her as highly renowned Odissi exponent Madahavi Mudgal arrives this month in Australia for her first ever performances in Adelaide and Melbourne. An artist of great calibre she received the Sanskriti Award and...

Carry on Doctor

Goodness gracious me. A medico does stand-up. Writes AVI CHANDIOK

Kerala: Bringing God’s Own Country back

Over 400 lives lost, countless homes destroyed, livestock and pets lost – the floods in Kerala have ravaged the state like nothing before. After what seems like an eternity, the water is finally receding...

Spectacularly spiritual

Adelaide gets yogafied on the International Day of Yoga Day Adelaide City Council It was winter solstice on 21 June, the shortest day of the month. But there was no shortage of interest among some fifty...

An Adelaide tribute to a legendary musician

The Carnatic music community marks Purandara Dasa Aradhana. VINAYA RAI reports

Sikhs in sport

Adelaide hosts the 30th annual Australian Sikh Games. DAMNEET SAMBHY reports