Great Indian World Trip: 17,700kms and counting!

A trio of enthusiastic young men undertake a staggering journey across the globe in a 4x4. By AVI CHANDIOK

Adelaide celebrates International Yoga Day

Adelaide’s yogis bend and stretch, inhale and exhale, as the world takes up India’s call for yoga. NIRAJ PANDYA reports

China dream comes true

An Indian-Australian teacher spends a year volunteering at a Chinese university. By LP Ayer

Gandhi at 150: A photographic tribute, and lessons in relevance:

Indians the world over have marked a special Gandhi Jayanti this year, his 150th Sesquicentennial celebrations have taken the form of talks, discussions, film screenings, stage productions, exhibitions and commemorations.

Cruising with dolphins

It’s a great day out for community buzurgs, writes AVI CHANDIOK
Yoga.Indian Link

How Adelaide celebrated International Day of Yoga

As Adelaide marked the International Day of Yoga this year on 21 June, the sun was clement and showed up for most of the day.You might or might not know that the sun has...

Adelaide remembers Atalji

The Overseas Friends of BJP (Adelaide chapter) paid tribute to the former Indian PM. VANI SHUKLA reports

Diwali in children’s literature: An engaging book by James Roy

We should all read a kid’s storybook now and then, it has been claimed. Children’s literature is filled with wisdom. It teaches important life lessons - empathy, for instance; the importance of...
SACE 2019

SACE 2019: Looking back at the last year of school

SACE 2019Maya Murali 99.10St Aloysius College Khevalin Parekh 95.80Aberfoyle Park High School

When the Opera House brought out its Diwali sari

It was a grand start to the Diwali season for Sydney’s Indian community. As the Sydney Opera House lit up in the golden hues of Diwali well ahead of the date, it...