Warli Wise

A new exhibition presents worldly wisdom and snippets of life from the tribal paintings of the Warlis of India, writes RAKA SARKHEL
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Mood India

The year, 1947. The date, 15 August. The feeling, euphoria. The reason, Independence from British rule at long last, after a long and arduous struggle at every level of society, every region of India...

Managing diabetes naturally

The remedy to this disease may have been growing in front of us the whole time, writes PREETI JABBAL

Designs for a better world

A volunteer-run non-profit, Positively Transforming World aims to improve health and education globally, writes CARL BUHARIWALA

Festival for all ages and stages

PREETI JABBAL celebrates the 15th year of the AIII Diwali festival

A labour of love

A sugary version of the iconic Taj Mahal is a winner at the Royal Easter Show

Indian-origin Karthik Nemmani wins 2018 Spelling Bee championship

He takes home $40,000 and a trophy from Scripps Bee plus a $2,500 cash prize from Merriam-Webster

Ode to women

The theme of this year’s Federation of Indian Music and Dance Victoria’s Independence Day concert was Prakriti, The Creatrix: Celebrating Women’s Empowerment. The concert included more than one first, with the most significant being the...
Reissuance of OCI Cardholders

Relaxation on the re-issuance of OCI card

Some Relaxation on the re-issuance of OCI card The holders of the Overseas Citizens of India or OCI cards, who are either below 20 years or...

Twenty years!

It’s time for a bit of trumpet-blowing as we celebrate our ‘coming of age’, writes editor RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA. Take a look at the kind of work we’ve done in the past two decades at Indian Link